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Silk Scrunchies Hair Tie Set

2-pack of small & large-high-quality 100% Silk Scrunchies.

Are you sick of regular scrunchies making your hair frizzy, or leaving marks on your wrist? Then try our collection of pure silk scrunchies. The perfect accessory for all hair types.

Our scrunchies are designed to reduce breakage and leave your hair dent-free. Keep your hairstyle in place without pulling or tugging at your precious strands.

You’ll never want to work out with any other hair ties again!

*Each purchase comes with 2 items total.

Why you’ll love it

🧵 Made with 100% hypo-allergenic silk designed to reduce breakage, leaving your hair undented.

👩‍ Perfect for everyday use. Ideal for ponytails, buns, and other thick hair. Friendly with any hair type.

😊 Small & Large size scrunchies to comfortably fit your preference.

Free shipping on orders over $35


What sizes are the silk scrunchies?

One fashionably large and one small hair tie with the Après Beauty logo to stand out!


What is the material made of?

100% hypo-allergenic gentle silk. Prevents hair damage and keeps ponytails in prime condition.


Can I put the scrunchies in the washing machine?

Yes, no problem!

See our full FAQ page for more information: FAQ

Est. delivery in 2-3 business days. Free shipping on orders over $35


  • Made from 100% silk
  • Reduces breakage
  • Eliminates kinks & dents
  • Made for all hair types and textures



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