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Tone + Sculpt Workout Bands

Resistance Bands

Meet your new go-to workout accessory! Enhance your exercise routine with our Tone + Sculpt Resistance Bands. The bands are made with 3 different resistance levels and designed to help increase your flexibility, range of motion, strength, and condition.

The bands are made out of 100% natural, durable latex. Grab yours now and get your sculpt on!

Why you’ll love it

💪 Test your strength and flexibility with 3 different resistance levels to complement your workout.

👝Throw the lightweight and portable bands in our complimentary travel bag for quick, easy access to exercise on the go.

💛 Aesthetically pleasing design to have everyone complimenting your gym bag accessories. Made with 100% natural latex.

Free shipping on orders over $35


What are the strengths levels?

A light, medium, and heavy band for various degrees of difficulty.


What exercises can I do with the resistance bands?

These bands are great for a wide range of exercises including pull up assistance, stretching, dynamic warm ups, and injury prevention.


Where can I find specific exercises and stretches to try?

Please follow us @apresbeauty to see our workout band training videos!


See our full FAQ page for more information: FAQ

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  • Use the resistance bands during Yoga, Pilates, or at-home workouts, or anytime you want to get in an extra toning session. Throw the lightweight and portable bands in our complimentary travel bag for quick, easy access.



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